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- Nothing new really, just a couple of more bugs were fixed.

- no changelog


v2 update (2006-03-05)
- matroska splitter fixed

- two pass bicubic shader, bilinear more optimized
- dropped subtitles are loaded instead of opening them as a media file
- thumbnail image generator
- dsm demuxer can output individual streams into files (context menu -> demux...), the raw data is corrected if possible, like subtitles are output 
to srt/ssa/vobsub, frame header added to aac, wave header to pcm, etc.
- better support for quicktime files by the mp4 splitter, more track types are recognized and also reads zlib compressed headers 
- dvd navigator's software dvd region check is disabled using the detours lib, there is still a hw region check built in the firmware of the drives, unless it
was flushed with a region free firmware it will still not work and may cause strange problems like freezing the player
- the mpeg ts splitter can repack h264 streams in "mp4 style" packets for decoders so they won't crash (ffdshow, coreavc)
- "next aspect ratio preset" command
- yv12/i420 is no longer a disallowed format when using "vmr9 (renderless)" as the renderer, holding the ctrl key when loading a file will still disable
it, the current display drivers should not have that color conversion bug anymore but just in case... 
- vmr9 (renderless) mixer mode available, it allows deinterlacing and other vmr9 features, off by default because it is slightly slower
- Haali's video renderer can be directly selected in the options (subtitling works, shaders don't)
- mpeg decoder sse2 optimizations (most noticable at hdtv resolution), optional interlaced output, new "field shifter" deinterlacing mode
- nero's "vobsub" inside mp4 supported
- clicking another window on a different monitor while mpc is playing in fullscreen will not restore it to normal size anymore, if another application grabs the
focus, its name and window title will be displayed on the status bar of mpc
- graph builder of the filter graph manager was rewritten (again), let's hope nothing is more broken than it was :)
- new built-in async reader for udf sources, currently only works with the internal mpeg splitter because others aren't prepared for constantly growing files,
use the following syntax as the file name: udp://[<multicastgroupip>]:<port>/[<mediasubtypeguid>], where "multicastgroupip" is optional and "mediasubtypeguid"
can be used to specify the subtype of the stream, for example udp://:1234/{e06d8023-db46-11cf-b4d1-00805f6cbbea} means transport stream, it will also work fine without 
the subtype, just selecting the right splitter will take a little longer
- the checked state of the "enable subtitles" menu item is preserved, this means you can disable subtitling with the vmrs now without having to turn it off for each newly
opened file
- floating toolbars are saved, next time mpc opens they will appear floated and at the same position on the desktop
- normalizer/booster was moved to the audio switcher, to avoid high spikes lowering the volume too much the normalizer regains 5% per second now
- "quick open file" menu (similar to vlc's)
- options/filters section was redone a bit, the internal filters have their own property pages, mpc won't be controlling them directly anymore
- there is a changelog this time! :)

other fixes:
- random crash when seeking files with mp3 audio streams and using the internal decoder
- compatibility with the oggds/vorbis decoder restored (it is a bug in the ogm vorbis decoder btw)
- blank checklist elements in options (external filters now, overrides before)
- run-time error when loading files with certain unicode characters in the filename
- unicode id3 tags, byte order of le/be utf-16 tags was mixed up
- repeated languages loading vobsub subtitles
- dvd angle switching (angle number was off by 1 for many years lol ;)
- long delay when doing "seek to keyframe" with the avi splitter
- fading dvd subpics (~ multiple entries in DCSQT)

bad news:
- resource ids were cleaned up and renumbered, the old command assignments are lost, sorry.

- no changelog

d3dx9_27.dll is a separate download now because it is longer needed to run mpc, however to use pixel shaders it has to be put in the dll path (only if DirectX 9 is not installed).

- no changelog

- remembering playlist items can be turned off in the context menu
- fixed shaders randomly disappearing from the menu
- aspect ratio presets at view/video frame/override aspect ratio (default, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9)
- ctrl held during resizing keeps the window tight around the video

capture mode:
- better compatibility with terratec cinergy and other cards which output audio themselves
- the television standard can be set indirectly by the country code at the open device dialog (there is no other way in directshow...)
- a deinterlacer filter is loaded when the height is larger than 288 lines, only for previewing (the following color formats are supported: yuy2/uyvy/yv12/i420/iyuv)
- if there is only one video format offered by the video capture pin (320x240 for example) then mpc adds several other standard resolutions to the combo box

vmr9 renderless: (changes by Haali)
- bilinear + bicubic resizers, using pixel shader 2.0 (3d mode only)
- speed issues on secondary display may be fixed now (the file has to be opened there)

- fixed the bug of serving external files from certain paths
- cgi support (tested with php only)
- default page can be set (index.html, etc.)

A long time has passed since the last release. There are many changes I cannot remember, but here are most of them:

- The tray icon mode bahaviour has been changed a bit. Like it or not, now there is a taskbar button when the main window is not minimized. This change was needed to make mpc appear in taskman and the alt+tab window, and because the taskbar button was not always activating together with the window (bug in windows I guess).
- The playlist remembers its items after closing and relaunching the player.
- In capture mode, presets can be added to the playlist just like files and saved into a new playlist file format created for this purpose in the first place (.mpcpl).
- Image saving to the root directory fixed.
- A few "after playback" actions (close, shutdown). It can be found under the Play menu.
- Pixel shader effects and a little editor with basic autocomplete abilities. Requirements: dx9 renderless output mode + textured 3d blending + video card with pixel shader support (v2.0+ prefered). Besides the fun it can be used as a little sandbox to experiment with shaders in real-time. The code you write gets compiled on-the-fly and applied onto the video. Disassembled code and other compiler messages can be viewed in the output window. Even if you can't program in any language, there are a few samples to get you started.
- Left alt + numpad keys can rotate the picture with certain renderers (see the Output page in the options). Useful when you need to mirror the picture for some reason, or to correct the perspectivity a bit.
- Edge-transparency bug of the subtitle renderer fixed. It occured when more shapes were painted on top of eachother.
- New capture format: dsm, in addition to the already existing avi, ogm (needs external muxer) and matroska formats.
- Online subtitle database. The player can upload, search and download subtitles for recognized movie files in a semi-automatic way. The website was designed to run at different places at the same time, accessing a common database. If you want you can host a mirror yourself, just contact me about it.
- Internal webserver can also serve external files now (please don't forget to contribute nice pages :). To extract the pages for the first time, go to the options of the webserver and use the Deploy... button. There is also a new player interface page (an MPC look-a-like!) with cool javascript supported features to update everything in real-time without reloading the page, you should arm yourself with the latest browsers though. Be warned, what you can see, others can see too! :) To prevent that, there is a checkbox to allow localhost connections only.
- Internal source filters can reopen files seemlesly when their file handle becomes invalid (wifi...). This has annoyed me for a long time, you'll be pleased if you experience similar problems :) The read-ahead buffer was also increased from 1 to 5 megabytes.
- Real's API changed the volume level behind MPC's back, but now it is trapped and eliminated using the detours lib (2k/xp only).

Misc changes to the main menu:


- properties/details: A short summary about the currently used codecs. The details depend on how well the source filter can fill in the mediatype structure. Don't be surprised if there is not bitrate or frame-rate, it's normal.
- properties/resources: Viewer tab for embeded files inside mkv or dsm. This page is only visible when there is something to view. Save As... button can save the files onto the hard disk, while double clicking opens them in the default browser served using MPC's webserver, when enabled of course.
- utils/dsm muxer: With this you can remultiplex your favorite files/streams into dsm. It has a clean and simple interface, conversion should be easy for anyone. Just be sure to try the right mouse button everywhere to find the available options, the context menu is different for different tree item types. Tagging, chapters, attached files and of course video/audio/subtitle streams can be saved into dsm.


- output: There is "lock back-buffer before..." checkbox to fix VMR9's vsync problems. Though it might not work for everyone, or with every video card.
- subtitles: "round up to power of two". In the past this option was always on, now it can be turned off to save a little video memory bandwith at higher resolutions. Older video cards don't support it, or have problems texturing the 32bpp subpictures on 16bpp desktop.
- subtitles/ "position subtitles relative to the video frame". You will notice that this checkbox have three states. It is undefined for every custom style, therefore the value you set here for the default style gets inherited by them.


- New mp3/aac source filter. Handles vbr files much better than the mpeg-i splitter of dshow. Another improvement is how the duration becomes more accurate as more samples are played. This filter is also more error resistant to corrupted id3 tags.
- Dirac decoder was upgraded to use the 0.5.0 lib.
- Mpeg splitter can seek discontinous streams much more reliably now. It just falls back to "seek by bitrate" mode when it detects something wrong in the continuity of the timestamps. Also, it is now able to play streamed mpeg over http (for example vlc's output).
- Latest DSM splitter and muxer included.
- New decoder for ps2's mpeg audio formats: pcm, adpcm (mostly found in .pss files). Please note that such files can't be seeked by design. If you try the sound will simply mute. It's because the data can be decoded only by starting from the beginning of the file.
- Matroska splitter can seek newer mkv files and display their duration.

Version CVS ( FR only)
- Subtitle Database (custom URL's availabe)
- After Playback Options (close or shutdown)
- Shader Options (DX9 only)
- Custom fullscreen resolutions
- DVD/OGM Audio Channel ivideo ac3 decoder option.
- Lock back-buffer before presenting (may fix broken vertical sync)
- New style Filters menu
- French installer added

Notes from translator (Veekee) :
I choosed to create an pre- french translation because of the long wait since the latest build.
Note: I didn't compiled the sources (01/19/2005) myself. The unknown compiler should be thanks for that ;-)
Note2: For quality reasons, I will now only update the 98/Me builds


Version ( FR only)
- "Save image" works (thanks hachann and LeMoi)
- "Properties" works (thanks hachann and LeMoi)
- mkv chapters are now correctly displayed (thanks LeMoi)

- AAC decoder: mono sources fixed
- MPEG splitter: reads PVA streams, also fixed choppyness with some mpegs

- mpeg video decoder: sse2 optimized motion compensation and deinterlacing
- mpeg splitter: 192 byte/packet ts files are supported, confuses mpeg and aac audio streams less likely, the duration reported for joined mpegs became more accurate (but the result of seeking such files is undefined ;).
- ogm sync problem fixed
- more tweaking of the core of all splitters

- Mpeg video decoder: implemented frame-dropping (b-frames only) when running late and added a new sse2 idct (intel's code, AP-945), now high-definition clips should keep the sync at least :)
- Mpeg splitter: plays discontinuous/joint files to the end but seeking still broken with those, also recognizes aac streams and misdetects others as lpcm less frequently
- New aac decoder based on libfaad, coreaac didn't handle mpeg's aac very well for some reason (he-aac, stereo downmixing supported)
- Volume normalizer can be "boosted" a bit in case you find the level still low, look for the slider next to the normalize checkbox
- Added a /nofocus command line switch. Guess what it does! Through the web interface browse.html also accepts a focus=no GET parameter with the same effect
- More fine tuning of the internal splitters' packet buffering.
- Fixed the "higher than normal" priority option, it was not applied after reopening the player.
- New option to launch files in fullscreen (checkbox at options/player)
- 7th internal logo by Steve Smith (looks very nice), if you made any in the past contact me again and I'll add your name to the logo chooser page, next to your logo. For now with the exception of the new one, only an "Author unknown" text will be displayed there because I can't remember which one came from who
- Fixed the file browser not displaying anything on cd drives under xp, when the recording feature of the operating system is enabled
- Almost 200KB increase in file size! No, it's not (just) the logo (~50k compressed), but libfaad was also huge :)
- For those who can recompile the sources: running filters.bat is no longer needed. After adding the lib of the new aac decoder onto the list VC couldn't link it anymore (it crashed...), so I had to add each lib separately to the additional dependecies of mpc to overcome this problem.

- New internal mpeg splitter: It can read program/transport/elementary streams, demuxes mpeg1/mpeg2 video, ac3/dts/mpeg/lpcm audio, cvd/scvd/dvd subtitles. You can switch streams through the filter menu (play/filters/...) similar to the original ogm splitter. The subtitle stream is set to a default dummy entry (to prevent emails asking how to turn it off :), so it has to be changed to a real stream before you will see anything. Possible problems/bugs/annoyancies: seeking doesn't work very well with small files, and it may not be that resistant to stream errors always (time will tell I guess :)
- The mpeg2 decoder was updated to accept and display cvd/svcd subtitles of course. Before you ask, there is no other known decoder for dshow doing this. None of the effects of svcd subs are supported at the moment, I don't have the specs on them and have no test files either.
- Updated libdts to 0.0.2 (decodes high frequency extensions)
- More mime types recognized and follows http redirections.
- The .ra file extension (usually used by the audio-only format and what the rm splitter still cannot handle) is now a directshow type, however mpc will switch to realmedia mode when it detects it to be the audio-only format. The same fallback is done when detecting quicktime or shockwavefile header opened over http.
- Improved buffering in all internal splitters. The lower limit is 100 samples or 100k per stream, the upper limit is 10000/1MB for all streams together, but when the lower limit is not met for one stream the others are allowed to read more than the upper limit to unblock. You can check the actual status in mpc's status window, it's going to be in the last row, and the number between [..] will mean the pin number.
- Added the jpeg output format for "Save image...". Also, removed the shell call preventing mpc to start up on win9x without IE4 (but it will still check the registry for this folder :p)

- shortcuts for saving snapsots and autonaming
- dts decoder (libdts 0.0.1)
- runtime error opening subtitles from some cds fixed

- opening http urls fixed.
- file / save image... implemented (finally :).
- dx7/dx9 qt renderer fixed for 16bpp desktops.
- when using the /cd switch the current drive is checked first, where the player was launched from.
- the initial output buffer of the internal audio decoder was made a bit larger, means it may still work when there is such filter connected downstream which won't let the buffer size increased dynamically when needed.

- mpeg2 decoder handles resolution changes better (horizontal-only was broken)
- added a sound level normalizer to the mpeg/lpcm/ac3 audio decoders, and also fixed the "echoing noise effect" of the mp3 decoder when encountering corrupted frames
- updated the web interface with chobits' new code and gifs
- local realmedia files are now opened through directshow by default (the he-aac bugfix of rm splitter 1009 is also there of course)
- removed smacker/bink support, it was requested by radgametools, so don't ask me to readd them unless you have 8000$ for the two sdk licenses.
- fixed forgetting of the audio balance setting
- experimental splitter for nut (only for video streams and no seeking yet), contact me if you have test files or know how to make them, the last win32 release of ffmpeg does not produce very good nut files
- new command to enable/disable subtitles

- the internal realmedia (v1008) and matroska (v1021) splitters updated to their current latest versions (see their release notes for more).

bugfixes of the previous version:
- qt dx7/dx9 renderer showed only the left quarter of picture.
- the checkbox of the dts passthrough to spdif filter was linked to the ac3 filter's in the options.

 - Integrated ac3 decoder based on liba52, mainly for dvds with different audio compression types, now it is possible to play lpcm/mpeg/ac3 audio tracks with the same filter (dts will be sent to spdif). To still use or any other external decoder you must uncheck the internal at options/filters.
- Web interface: new page to control playback, gzip compression, debug info disabled by default.
- Mpeg decoder: added the bob deinterlacing method.

- avi splitter: new "badly interleaved file" reporting dialog (hold shift to force showing it up)
- ogm splitter: fixed a crash caused by a nonstandard header.
- audio switcher + dsound renderer + spdif bug fixed.
- "always on top" options was splitted into 1. always, 2. while playing selections.
- web interface got a new file browser/opener page and the generated pages were moved into the resources. (note: the 9xme build will be able to handle only ascii file names)
- fixed a deadlock with the "rewind" option being unchecked

 no changelog

- matrixmixer is allowed to autoload after the internal audio switcher.
- corrected ogg splitter's output media type for aac, wma and other compression types, which needed a few extra bytes put after the format structure, seeking onto keyframes and stream error handling were also improved.
- fixed the picture becoming black with the "vmr9 (renderless)" when zooming in with the numpad buttons and using offscreen video surface or texture+2d modes (texture+3d mode was not affected).

- found and fixed one more case when the avi splitter could fail to overcome a bad stream. - improved seeking time of the ogg splitter by reading less data until the right file position is found (most noticable through <= 10Mbit networks :), the codec identifier of mp3 and of probably other formats are correctly recognized now, and also added the vorbis2 media type for the corevorbis decoder. - got one sample .bik where the height of the picture was an odd value, which was invalid in the yv12 color space and could produce coloring problems, it was solved by making the height even.

- broken avi opener and reindexer working again.
- roq decoders enabled finally :)
- fixed autorunning (s)vcd (mplayerc.exe ?:\ translates to ?:\*\avseq*.dat automatically)
- new built-in ogg splitter (may not be that stable in the first release, but it integrates better with mpc than the original :)

 no changelog

Notes: Just a minor fix for today, the Smacker decoder interface had a small bug which made mpc crash with certain video renderers and colorspaces.


- The "VMR7/9 (renderless)" output can be configured to use textures and 3d rendering, this way you can avoid the "point-sampling" bug of StretchRect. Because there is this new rendering mode now, the old 2d mode won't crop the upper left side anymore to force bilinear filtering. So, if you find the image pixelated, try the 3d mode instead.

- Subresync toolbar can delete entries from vobsub files without crashing! (why noone noticed this? :P) Finally, this makes cutting idx/sub in mpc possible!

- In dvd mode when a menu is running, the auto-hideing controls will only reappear if you move the mouse cursor at the very bottom of the screen. This helps activating buttons in that region a bit :)

- Two new renderers: null (any) and null (uncompressed). They weren't too hard to make ;), but they can be useful for example if you want to save cpu cycles by turning of the video when you only want to hear the audio. "any" will connect to any media type which can be recognized as video or audio, "uncompressed" also checks for the common rgb/yuv (video), pcm/ieee (audio) types and only connects on them.

- I read the bugreport about the crashing of the player when network connection get broken or the cd gets ejected. It happened because of an unhandled exception I forgot to catch. Now it won't crash at that same place for sure, but it might later somehwhere, I haven't had time to test it completely.

- Just came across a strange dvd this week where the "fbi warning" clip at the beginning was playing a "little" skippy. This was the first mpeg2 stream libmpeg2 was decompressing into two picture descriptors per frame, both had one field only. Because I had no idea about what to do with the second one or how to handle it, the dshow decoder only summed up the time length of the first picture (time per frame * number of fields / 2). Basically this means every frame lasted half long and the image was slowly falling behind then catching up continuously.

- Speeded up built-in avi splitter's interleaving verifier a bit (this pops up that new error dialog occasionally telling you sequential playback is not possible). The scanning time for a regular 700MB avi decreased from 200ms to 50ms on my cpu.

- After desktop resolution switches the alternative renderers will recover much better now.

- Lastly, the biggest news at the end, hoping noone will notice it (hehe): Smacker/Bink playback support (shh, don't tell anyone), now you can view old and new game movies in mpc! Of course there is no decoder inside (it would cost a fortune for me), so smackw32.dll/binkw32.dll has to be put next to mplayerc.exe to make it work. The larger the dll the higher the chance it will be able to open recent smk/bik files (hint: up-to-date smackw32.dll: ~150k, binkw32.dll: ~360k). The just released halo (pc) game has the newest dll I could find for bink at the moment, but there are many others to test on p2p networks like edonkey. A newer smackw32.dll is a little harder to find for v4 smacker files (which the current "rad video tools" will produce) if you are browsing your old game collection, but I could find a usable dll with emule just as easy. Also, mpc will even open videos from self-playing exes, but only the first one. If there are many packed into one exe, or if the container file is a large, merged data file of a game, then get a hex editor (e.g. hex workshop) and extract the videos one-by-one (it was fun to rewatch a few ff8 videos this way, they were still amazing :). Smacker usually starts with SMKn (n: 1-4), while Bink starts with BIKh or BIKi and the second DWORD (4 bytes) equals to the total length - 8. Sadly, Smacker doesn't seem to have a length field :(, for that you have to search the next SMK.. header, or extract it until the end of the file. Another bad thing about Smacker and Bink: they rarely have keyframes, very-very rare. For this reason Smacker will show messed up picture after a seek, but Bink will correctly decompress every previous since the last keyframe, which of course will go painfully slow for a large file (just try it on that 100MB+ half-life 2 video :).

just a couple of quick fixes after 6464:
- mpeg2 decoder: dvds at 704x... didn't work very well with the overlay mixer (skewed rows) and the vmr9 in windowed mode (blank pic).
- mpeg audio decoder: the new resyncing code was making strange noises or silence for seconds...

Also, the mpeg-2 demuxer of winxp is enabled again, but only when it can really seek. If it can't, the mpeg-2 splitter is loaded as usual. The demuxer has a big advantage over the splitter: it can seek in (s)vcds much faster (when it can :).

- avi splitter: jumps over bad parts, lets the old splitter load for non-interleaved files.
- mpeg video decoder: fixes around dvd menu and subpic timing.
- shoutcast filter: now it reads the right bits for the channel count...
- mpeg audio decoder: won't crash with mp3 inside matroska.
- mpeg video decoder: added one emms instruction after a libmpeg2 call and now the floating point regs are ok, mainly this means that dvobsub will not be confused about the current stream time.

- numpad +/- adjusts audio offset when the audio switcher is loaded.
- cleared up a few things around video frame positioning, it should be more accurate now.

- rm's own renderer shows the video again.
- new filter: mpeg audio decoder, for all versions/layers, based on libmad.
- the mpeg video decoder should play smoother now when being connected to the overlay mixer.

 no changelog


This release is mainly for fixing the problems of the new mpeg decoder.
- it is no longer "mmx-only", it can detect and use the optimal cpu specific functions.
- will extract the aspect ratio from the sequence header and not from the connection media type because some alternative splitters seem to forget about setting it (mainconcept...).
- removed a few gliches from around the dvd menu navigation.
- there is a new property page in the options for adjusting a few settings of the decoder (deinterlacing method, forced dvd subs on/off, brightness/contrast/hue/saturation).
- deinterlacing improved, most noticably for ntsc movies.
- coloring problems in rgb16 fixed.


- built-in mpeg1/mpeg2 decoder (also for dvds)
- file open dialog will open all files from the current directory when the "open" button is pressed without choosing any file.
- new column for app command buttons at options/player/keys
- logo chooser


- fixed two annoying bugs in the avi and matroska splitters
- avi splitter integrated and is favored over dshow's own, turn it off if you have problems with it (you shouldn't have much).
- lists ogm and matroska chapters under the "jump to" submenu.
- dx9 renderer for quicktime.
- styles of the currently active text subtitle stream are editable (useful if you want to change something for embeded subs).
- "properties" added to the right click menu.
- the built-in shoutcast filter will now automatically try to resync itself (for live streams), report if crashes too much.
- renewed logo, hope you'll get used to it :)


- playlist no longer steals the focus after opening a new file


- The latest realmedia filters was added onto the list of built-in filters, of course the splitter can be disabled in the options just like the others already.
- The opener api can be selected for each format categories in the options. The selections are dshow, real, qt, shockwave. This is usefull if you want to have a realmedia file or some old .mov loaded by the dshow filters instead of with thier native libraries.
- Recognizes the language codes set by the latest matroska splitter on the subtitle tracks.
- Added a workaround fix against a possible ~30 seconds lockup during the opening of a video when using the vmr7 renderless output.


- updated matroska filters and the subtitle support for embeded matroska subtitles.
- fixed shoutcast reader, some sites refused the connection with the used "User-Agent" in the header.


no changelog


- matroska is now selecable as a capture output format.
- fixed loop/close/shutdown settings for playlists when "rewind" is checked in the options.


- matroska splitter updated to
- built-in source filters can be enabled or disabled (so I don't have to release an updated version of MPC every time I change something :)


- The playlist is no longer crashing after the "Randomize" command.
- Updated built-in matroska splitter to


- Disappearing tray icon fixed.
- Native matroska support.

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